Laser Modules

ACC/ APC Laser Modules
  • Dual safety switches (key and toggle)
  • Auto-current or auto-power control available
  • Air cooled and shutter
  • Fiber coupled output or finite focal length available
Type DPSS Diode
Model G47x G53x G106x G40x G44x G66x G80x
Wavelength (nm) 473 532 1064 405 445 660 808
Ouput Power (mW) 20,50 5,10,30,50 100 15,50 30 50,100 200,1000
Spectral Width (nm) <0.1 <0.3
Divergence (mrad) <1.2 <1.4
Power Stability <5%
TTL Modulation (kHz) 0-5
Expected Lifetime >10,000 hours
Warranty Period 12 months

Digital Controlled Lasers
  • Compact size
  • Smooth temperature stabilization
  • Overheat protection
  • Laser diode soft-start function

Custom Design Service

To meet different needs,
we provide custom design services of the laser systems, including beam delivery optics, mechanics and translation stages.
For example, in laser lighting application, we developed a
multi-wavelength plastic-fiber-
coupled laser module, which perform pretty well in Biomedical science.